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Cyber Crime Detection | Awareness | Data Leak | Cyber Security | Facebook Post - ParthaTechSupport | September 2019

Regarding as per lot of authentic users [responsible citizen's, who are care about basics of cyber security and data security] asking about the basics mistakes of security concern and password pattern and misleading apps and fake websites about 'Electors Verification Programme' by 'Election Commission of India'. Fact: Lot of individual users and local computer points or cyber cafe's doing a very common mistakes when registration as a new user by enter email address and passw ords. They are asking to customers/individuals to give email (like - gmail, yahoo mail, outlook mail, etc) passwords to complete the process of registration. This can be a very harmful/danger for a regular internet active users or any personal email address for leak personal information from email accounts and most of other common security breaches thinks maybe happen for unauthorized access by third-party. Solutions: Have to use a different and difficult password for any online accoun

10-Point Ethical Solution