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Dear Users:Very soon launching a dedicated "ParthaTechSupport" affiliated eCommerce website.

Mobile phone stolen? Soon track your stolen mobile phone: Govt ready to roll out IMEI database | Partha Tech Support

* Be a responsible citizen: Report on nearest Police Station and others legal authorities about any online suspicious or illegal incidents and below mention some details, etc.... Topic Examples or Explanations Any fraud activity.  Any online or offline fraud cases, Fake websites: railway exams related payment collection, or any others exam related payment collection, Lottery, Tower Installation, Banking reward, Ecommerce reward, Government Schemes, and fake and misguided information, etc. Hacking. Facebook account compromised, Someone unauthorized access to any accounts. Suspicious activity. Email account compromised, etc. Threats. Cyber bullying. Blackmail, targeted with call and sms activity statement. Real-time travel location activity, personal photos, calling harassments, Cyber bullying, etc. Lost and Thief activity. Mobile, Laptop, Computers, etc. Data misused, Social engineering

10-Point Ethical Solution