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Dear Users:Very soon launching a dedicated "ParthaTechSupport" affiliated eCommerce website.

How to send #WhatsApp messages to new number which is not in your contacts, || #ParthaTechSupport

Loading... Let's See how to send #WhatsApp messages to new number which is not in your contacts. open Google chrome browser on your device enter 91xxxxxxxxxx (including country code with mobile number) and click go. then click message option automatically redirect to WhatsApp app, you can send messages easily. Walk-in to #ParthaTechSupport for IT Support and Solutions,  Computer and Mobile - Software & Hardware   Troubleshooting, Error problems fixing, Handset Lost, IMEI Tracking, Secure Protection before lost, End to end encryption support and solutions: Smartphone & Computer. Thank you.

10or D, Tenor D WiFi Calling || #ParthaTechSupport

Hi, Let's see 10or D WiFi Calling Setup, Goto settings then click more then click WiFi calling  then turn on, select WiFi calling mode.

Handset Lost, How can i track my phone? IMEI Tracking, Secure Protection before lost Visit Partha Tech Support

Smartphone (Android OS) Storage Privacy & Handset Lost Protection.  Find My Device.  Where is my Phone.  IMEI Tracking.  IMSI Tracking. SIM Traking. 1. Complete Encrypted Device & external Sd Card, before Handset lost. For All Exist data Complete secure no one can access & can't recovery. For Encrypted device you can't access Pattern/Fingerprint for unlock, have to choose strong password. 2. Always internet on, GPS/Location On. 3. Maps, Google, Android Device Manager ( Find My Device by Google llc ), Android Web View Fully Updated from Google Play Store. ( Find My Device Also Active in Device Administration & Log in with current gmail) 4.Email Address (Gmail) Password & Recovery Information must Strong. 2 steep Authentication Allow (If Someone know your Email password they can't access with out 2 steep authentication). 5. Find My Device (Android Device Manager by Google llc) you can access where is your hands

Moto E4 Plus System Update Available || New version NMA26.42-152 || Android security updates up to April 2018 || Partha Tech Support

          Click here - Resolution: Smartphone Running But Hanging Click here - Resolution: Android Google Play Store not working      System update details screenshot attached.                Click here - Handset Lost, How can i track my phone? Smartphone (Android) OS Related Technical Issues Resolution. Troubleshoot: Smartphone (Android) OS Related Issues Resolution,  Smartphone OS Flashing & System Upgrade.  Smartphone (Android) Hanging Resolution.  Smartphone (Android) storage Data Recovery. Smartphone (Android) Storage encryption.  Smartphone (Android) Lost Protection, Handset Tracking.  Smartphone (Android) Web Browsing Safety & Cyber Security Awareness. Smartphone (Android) Premium Security Software Solution. Technical Assistant, Instant Help, Quick in Response. Professional Technical Assistant, Premium Tech Support. Walk-in to Partha Tech Support for technical support and solutions,  Thank you. Loading...

MOTO G4 PLAY - ANDROID™ 7.1.1 || System Update Version NPI26.48-43 || Security update up to 1 April 2018

Update Available                         Screenshot attached.  Android Security Update April 2018,  Moto G4 Play. Loading...

10-Point Ethical Solution